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Articles about multifactor authentication at GVSU and DUO.

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Pinned Article Service Level Agreement (SLA)

This article is for the community to have expectations of what they can expect from Service Level Agreements (SLA).

GV-Faculty-Staff WiFi Network

This article will help with connecting to GV-Faculty-Staff wireless for Widows and Macintosh machines.

GV-Student WiFi Network

Troubleshooting steps for reconnecting to GV-Student WiFi on iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS.

GV-Visitor Wi-Fi Network

Connecting to GV-Visitor on Mac and Windows devices.

How To: Connect a Playstation 4/5 to the Network

How to connect a PlayStation 4/5 to the network

Internet Connection Issues on a Macintosh Computer

Use these instructions when you want to remove, change, or add an Internet connection on a Mac.