Direct Access Not Connecting

When to Use?

If you are off campus and direct access is not connecting, if you are on campus and direct access isn't connecting, or if you cannot access your network drive.


1. Test and see if you can connect to the GVSU VPN. ( *If you are on campus skip this step*)

Ivanti VPN menu


2. Once connected to the VPN open the Powershell or Command Prompt application.

-PowerShell Application in Start MenuCommand Prompt Application in Start Menu

3. type "gpupdate /force", then click the green start button if you are using the Powershell application, or enter if you are using the Command Prompt application.

GPUpdate force command in powershell

4. After a few moments you should see this confirmation message:

Powershell Group Policy confirmation

5. Reboot your machine and sign in again to test see if you are connected:

               -if you are connected you are all set

               -if you are not connected, proceed to the next step

6. If you are still not connected open the powershell ise application, enter the following commands and press the Green Start button.

               "netsh interface httpstunnel show interfaces"



Powershell Direct Access connection status command


7. Make note of the "Last Error Code" and reboot your machine.

Powershell Direct Access connection status results

8. If you still cannot connect repeat step 6 and note this error codes and put both the new and old error code in your ticket to the IT Service Desk.


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