Group Policy Update on GVSU Issued Windows Machine

When to Use?

if you are off campus and have issues connecting, on campus and have issues connecting, or if you are missing the most recent group policy updates which causes interruptions to your Direct Access connection.


1. Connect to the GVSU VPN. ( * If you are on campus skip to step 2.*)

Ivanti VPN Menu

2. Once connected to the VPN open the Powershell or Command Prompt application.

PowerShell Application in Start MenuCommand Prompt Application in Start Menu

3. Enter the command "gpupdate /force", then click the green start button if you are using the Powershell application, or enter if you are using the Command Prompt application.

GPupdate force command in Powershell

4. After a few moments you should see this confirmation message letting you know that the process has been completed:

GPupdate Confirmation



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