Connect to GVSU WiFi Using the SecureW2 JoinNow App

When to Use?

When connecting an Android mobile device to GV-Student, GV-Faculty-Staff.


1. From the App Store, Install and Open the SecureW2 JoinNow app

SecureW2 App in the Google Play Store


2. Select Search and Setup.

SecureW2 GVSU Setup Menu

3. Enter domain name and click continue.


SecureW2 menu where you enter the GVSU domain          

4. Once you click continue your screen will look like this. 

 SecureW2 looking for the GVSU configuration settings


5. Enter your gvsu username and gvsu password.

SecureW2 menu where you enter your GVSU username and password


6. Once you have read this example notification, click next. 

Preview for the next pop up that asks you to save the network



7. Click Save to save this network connection.

Prompt to Save the new network


8. You should now be connected to the network, open the network settings on your device and confirm that you are connected.

Confirmation screen that shows that the device is connected


Always verify that your password is correct.

If you were previously connected to GV-Visitor on your device, on the connections page tap and hold GV-Visitor and chose to forget the network.

If you have been previously connected on this device and you notice that your wifi is on, but not showing any network connections try turning on and off your wifi and see if your network connection appears.




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