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This article will walk you through embedding Panopto Videos with Quizzes in Ultra Course View.
This article will walk students through the steps of submitting a Panopto Video Assignment in a Blackboard Ultra course.
This article walks instructors through embedding an already create Panopto video into their Blackboard Ultra course.
This article will walk you through creating a quiz that is embedded within your Panopto video.
This article contains a video demonstrating how to use Panopto on a Mac computer.
Follow these instructions to embed a Panopto video in to your Blackboard course.
Follow these instructions to use Panopto Web Capture recorder to create videos in Panopto.
If you continuously get logged out when trying to access a Blackboard course with an embedded Panopto video, it is likely you have some browser setting that is preventing cross-site traffic.
This article discusses how to reduce the course quota in Blackboard by moving videos/MP4s to Panopto. Doing so will free up room to add more files to the course.
Follow these instructions to check if a Panopto assignment folder was set up correctly.
In order to use Panopto in a course, follow these instructions to provision a folder for the course. This must be done for each course each semester.
Follow these instructions to help students gain access to Panopto videos that are in your My Folder.
This article will show you how to create a Panopto quiz, and link the video to your Blackboard Grade Center
Follow these instructions to upload a pre-recorded video onto Panopto and share it with your courses.
Follow these instructions to help students gain access to Panopto Assignments Folder or Panopto videos in myBb course.