How to Connect a reMarkable Tablet to the GVSU Wireless Network

When to Use?

When connecting a reMarkable tablet to the GVSU wireless network



1. Select “Wi-Fi” in the device settings

2. Remove old Wi-Fi network profiles. To do this you tab on the wireless network and click on Forget.  One at a time, tap on each network and see if the option to Forget is available.  If option to Forget shows, then click on forget.  If Forget is not an option, then move on to the next network.

3. After you checked all networks and did Forget, select the wi-fi network you want to connect to and enter the information below.

        Students: Wi-Fi Network is GV-Student

       Faculty or Staff:  Wi-Fi network is GV-Faculty-Staff

  • Change the EAP method to PEAP
  • Change EAP Phase 2 authentication to MSCHAPv2
  • Enter your GV network account into Identify field. 
  • Enter your GV network password into Password field. 
  • Leave all other fields empty

4. Tap Enter to connect.




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