Internet Connection Issues on a Macintosh Computer

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Use these instructions when you want to remove, change, or add an Internet connection on a Mac.

Note: This document assumes you are on the latest version of Mac OS.


  1. On the main desktop screen, click the Apple icon at the top left corner of the screen and then select System Preferences.

System Preferences

  1. Select the Network option.

Network Option

  1. Check and see if your Wi-Fi and Ethernet fields are shown as connected or not.
    • It is ok if Wi-Fi is listed as off if your Ethernet is listed as connected.
    • Your options may be in a different order than the ones in the screenshot.

Wi-Fi and Ethernet Fields


Remove Current Wi-Fi Network:

  1. Click on the field that says Wi-Fi.
  2. Verify that the Status field is set to On.
    • If it is not, click the Turn Wi-Fi On button.
  3. Click on the Advanced button towards the bottom corner of the window.
  4. From the advanced menu, select any GVSU network (GV-Visitor, GV-Faculty-Staff, etc.) and click the minus icon below the listings. Repeat this process for all GVSU Networks.
  5. Click Ok in the Advanced menu.
  6. Click Apply on the window that appears.

Wi-Fi tabremove Wi-Fi network


Re-add Wi-Fi network:

  1. In the Network Name drop-down, select GV-Faculty-Staff.

Connect to Wi-Fi

  1. Enter your GVSU network username in the Account Name field and your GVSU network password (what you use to login to services like blackboard, banner, etc.) in the Password field. Click OK

Account Name and Password

Troubleshooting Ethernet:

  1. In the Network tab of System Preferences, select the Ethernet tab.
  2. If the Status field doesn't show Connected, verify that the cable is connected both into a network port and into your device either into a physical port or an adaptor.
    • This network port could be the output of a phone or a port in the wall.
    • NOTE: Ethernet is set to take precedence in the case that both Ethernet and wireless are connected.


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