How to Connect to Eduroam WiFi Networks

When to Use?

Eduroam, short for "Education Roaming," is a global Wi-Fi service developed to provide secure and seamless Internet access for members of the education and research community. This innovative service enables students, researchers, and staff from participating institutions to connect to Wi-Fi easily and securely when visiting other member institutions.

Eduroam operates on a federated model, where member institutions collaborate to extend Wi-Fi access to their respective communities. When an individual from one Eduroam-participating institution visits another, they can use their home institution's credentials to log in to the Wi-Fi network at the host institution. This eliminates the need for guest accounts or additional configurations, streamlining the user experience.

Please note: GVSU Faculty/Staff can connect to other Eduroam-participating institution Wi-Fi networks, but cannot connect to the eduroam Wi-Fi network while on GV campuses. GVSU Students can connect to the eduroam Wi-Fi network while on GV campuses. Eduroam access is available to all GVSU Faculty/Staff/Students at participating member institutions.


To connect to Eduroam at an Eduroam-participating institution, simply connect to the 'eduroam' Wi-Fi network (SSID).

When prompted for credentials, use your full GVSU email and network password to authenticate. You do not need to sign up, download an installer, or perform any other steps ahead of a planned (or unplanned) visit to another institution. You can simply show up, connect to 'eduroam' with your GVSU email/network password, and use Eduroam.

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