Connect an Android or Google Pixel to the GVSU Wireless Network

When to Use?

When connecting an Android / Google Pixel device to the GVSU Wireless Network through the device's wireless Settings.


1. Go to Settings on your device, once you are there tap Connections on Android or Internet on Pixel. Verify that your WiFi is turned on and chose the network that you would like to connect to.


WIfi Settings Menu on Android Phone


WIfi Settings Menu on Google Pixel


2. Enter the Following information:

  • For your EAP Method, select PEAP.
  • Enter your GVSU username for the Identity and Anonymous Identity field and your GVSU password for the password.
  • For the CA certificate: Android: select do not validate, Pixel: Use System Certificates
  • *** Not all devices ask for this but if you are required to enter a domain use:


Menu to enter account credentials on Android


Menu to enter account credentials on Google Pixel


3. Once complete tap connect, and you should see that you are connected.


Confirmation screen that shows that the Android is connected


Confirmation screen that shows the Google Pixel is connected




  • Always verify that your password is correct.
  • If you were previously connected to GV-Visitor on your device, on the connections page tap and hold GV-Visitor and chose to forget the network.
  • If you have connected previously to the device and you notice that your Wi-Fi is on, but not showing any network connections try turning on and off your Wi-Fi and see if your network connection appears.
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