Registering a Gaming Device on GV-GameNet

How to Register a Gaming Device

  • If the device is going to be connected by wired Internet connection, it does not need to be registered. Just connect the device via an Ethernet cable to an active port in your dorm.
  • Note that laptops, tablets, and cell phones do not need to be registered. Just connect to the GV-Student WiFi and log in with your GVSU username and password. 

Visit the Device Registration request page here.

Click "Sign In" at the top right-hand corner of the window and sign in with your GVSU network ID and password. Click "Submit a Ticket" on the right.

Verify that your name is in the "Requester" field and enter the following information:

  • MAC Address (12 characters long, letters A-F, numbers 0-9); formatted XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX
  • Device Type
  • If "Other" is selected as the device type, please include what type of device it is in the "Description" field.

Unable to Register?

If the device cannot connect to the GV-GameNet Wi-Fi, check the MAC address (letters A-F and number 0-9 only), and verify that the MAC address is formatted properly. MAC addresses follow the format "XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX".

Some devices display the MAC address as XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX or XXXXXXXXXXXX. When entering the Service Request, ensure that the MAC address is formatted correctly, or the registration will be rejected.

Registered Device Can't Connect

If a registered device is unable to connect, please power the device down and back on completely, then try the connection again.

When restarting the device does not resolve the issue, try the following:

  • Forget the GV-GameNet Wi-Fi
  • Restart the device
  • Reconnect to GV-GameNet

When a registered device is still unable to connect to GV-GameNet after the steps above, please submit a new registration request. Registered devices are removed from the system every three years. It is possible that your device may have accidentally been removed. If re-registering the device does not resolve the issue, please contact IT Services at 616-331-2101 or for further troubleshooting assistance.

Please note that laptops, gaming computers, and cell phones are not allowed to connect to the GV-GameNet Wi-Fi and instead must connect to the GV-Student or GV-Faculty-Staff Wi-Fi networks.




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