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Instructions on how to import or export a test in Blackboard Classic Course View
Create an offline assignment in the new Ultra Course View that will setup a Gradebook assignment with an associated rubric so that it can be scored independently of a student submission for assessment and accreditation.
Summary of the 1st Year Residency Requirement at Grand Valley State University.
This article will walk you through embedding Panopto Videos with Quizzes in Ultra Course View.
This article will walk students through the steps of submitting a Panopto Video Assignment in a Blackboard Ultra course.
This article walks you through the steps of creating a Panopto Video Assignment in your Blackboard Ultra Course.
This article walks instructors through embedding an already create Panopto video into their Blackboard Ultra course.
This article explains how to create weighted columns in the Gradebook in Blackboard Ultra. These weighted calculations generate a grade that is based on the result of the selected graded items, categories, other calculations, and their respective percentages.
This article will walk you through creating a Total Points column in the gradebook, as well as adding Extra Credit to students’ total. The total points column must be created as a calculated column. Currently, the Overall Grade feature in Blackboard only calculates student’s weighted grades and not total points. Currently, Extra Credit cannot be added to weighted grades in the Ultra Course View.
This article will walk you through creating manually graded gradebook columns in the Ultra Course View. Manually graded columns can be created for assignments that don't require a submission in Blackboard such as class participation, extra credit, and in-class graded assignments.
This article will walk you through inserting an image into a Bb content item using the in-text content editor.
Should an instructor choose to do so, they and their students can participate in class conversations for individual content items. These conversations are useful to share extra resources and ask questions that others might have.
Instructions on how to make a course site available to students in Ultra course view in Blackboard.
Summary of Spring/Summer Move-In for 2022
Summary of On-Campus safety and security resources and procedures.
A checklist to help guide transfers and returners who plan on living on-campus.
Summary of the Mid-Semester Move-Out Process
A guide on how to prepare, navigate and have fun during Move-In at GVSU.
When moving out during the semester or at the end of your contract, follow this guide to ensure a smooth transition and to avoid charges.

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Summary of the HRL Mission, Vision, and Values.
The Grand Valley State University (GVSU) Office of Housing and Residence Life (HRL) upholds all state, local, and federal laws as well as the GVSU Student Code and all documented University Policies. Housing policies are designed to support the mission and goals of HRL. Violation of the housing-specific policies and procedures outlined below may result in referral through the HRL Conduct Process and/or referred to the Office of Student Conduct.
Health and medical needs locations and services.
Information on Gender Inclusive Housing