How to Connect PlayStation Gaming Device to the GVSU Network

When to Use?

PlayStation gaming devices experience issues when connecting to enterprise-grade Wi-Fi networks. These issues include random disconnections, connection failures, suboptimal data rate selection, and failure to utilize available 5GHz Wi-Fi connections. This issue is happening here at GVSU and various other universities. To ensure optimal performance, GVSU IT recommends using a wired connection. However, following these steps should enhance connectivity and performance if you prefer a wireless setup.

Procedure For a Wireless Connection

1. Go to Settings. 

PlayStation Main Menu


2. In the Settings menu, choose Network to modify your Network settings. 

Settings Menu


3. Scroll down to Settings to Set Up Internet Connection. 

Set Up Internet Connection in Network Settings


4. From here, hover over the GV-GameNet Network and press the options button on the top right of your controller, then Scroll to Wi-Fi Frequency Bands and change the setting from Automatic to 5 GHz.

Set Up Internet Connection Menu

5. Now, your device will automatically choose to connect to 5 GHz anytime you connect your device to GV-GameNet in the future.

Procedure For a Wired Connection

1. Locate the Ethernet port in your room, apartment, or living room. Most data ports in housing on campus are orange in color. If your room has a wall-mounted Wi-Fi access point, you'll find three Ethernet ports located at the bottom of the access point.

2. Plug your PlayStation 4/5 into the port. If it does not work, the port may need to be activated.

3. If your port needs to be activated, please submit a help desk ticket here: Ethernet Port Activation Request.

If you do not have an Ethernet cable, please tell us in the ticket. We will provide you with one to use for free. 

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