Information on Respondus Lockdown Browser for students.

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Another Version Already Installed

Another installed version is preventing the GVSU version from being opened on a Mac computer.

Illicitly Modified Error

This message indicates the installation of LockDown Browser may have been hacked.

Installing Respondus LockDown Browser

This article provides instructions on how to install Respondus LockDown Browser.

Installing the Respondus Lockdown Browser Extension on to Your Chromebook

This is a summary on installing Respondus onto a Chromebook

Poor Internet Connection Effecting the Test

A poor internet connection can affect the users experience when taking an online exam.

PowerPoint Error

A PowerPoint error is preventing the user from starting the application.

Prompted for a Password

Users are prompted for a password before they can begin a test.

Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor Test Taking Tips

If you are taking taking an online exam with Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor and have an inconsistent or unreliable internet connection, follow these tips to improve the quality of your connection.

Screencastify Error

A Screencastify error is preventing the user from starting the application.

Take a Lockdown Browser Exam Using an iPad

This article explains how to set up Respondus Lockdown Browser on an iPad for taking a test.

Test Questions are Magnified

The screen image appears "zoomed in" which prevents the test questions from displaying correctly.

Troubleshooting steps for Windows

Respondus LockDown Browser troubleshooting steps for Windows.

Virtual Machine Error

A virtual machine error indicates a BIOS settings change or that the user is running a virtual machine.