Answers to common questions and how-to documentation for GVSU's Learning Management System (LMS): Blackboard

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Instructor Resources

Instructor resources for Blackboard and tools used within the learning management system (LMS).

Student Resources

Student resources for Blackboard and tools used within the learning management system (LMS).

Known Issues

Articles describing current known issues, and workarounds if possible, in Blackboard.

Articles (12)

Pinned Article Navigating Courses and Organizations in Blackboard Ultra

In Blackboard Ultra you can search for courses by name or filter the view to hide or show courses right from your Courses list. This article explains how.

Activity Stream

This article talks about the Activity Stream which is found on the Ultra Base Navigation page in Blackboard Ultra

Blackboard Messages

This article explains how to use messages in both Original (Classic) and Ultra course views. The article pertains to both students and faculty.

Blackboard Mobile App

This article provides an overview of the Blackboard mobile application for students and instructors.

Blackboard Notification Settings

This article will walk you through updating your Blackboard’s Notification Settings in Ultra Base Navigation.

Getting Started with Ultra Base Navigation

This article will walk you through the upcoming changes happening within the Blackboard homepage.

How to access the DEI Training Module

Follow these steps to access the DEI Training Module in Blackboard.

How to Clear Your Browser Cache, Cookies, and History

Follow these instructions to clear cache, cookies, and browser history in either a Mac or PC. Clearing cache often resolves many issues when using Blackboard.

How to Login to Blackboard, the Learning Management System (LMS)

Details on how to login to Blackboard, the Learning Management System (LMS) at GVSU including troubleshooting steps if there are any issues.

Searching For Content In A Course

This article will show you how to search for content within a Blackboard course using the course content title search.

Ultra Course View vs. Classic Course View

Shows the difference between Ultra course view and Classic course view in Blackboard.

Temp Blackboard Account Requests

Requesting temporary Blackboard account for new faculty hires to begin building course sites before GVSU network credentials are created.