Student resources for Blackboard and tools used within the learning management system (LMS).

Categories (3)

Ultra Course View

Resources for students enrolled in courses using Ultra course view in Blackboard.

Accessibility for Students

Information about accessibility and Ally the accessibility tool for use within Blackboard for students.

Respondus Lockdown Browser for Students

Information on Respondus Lockdown Browser for students.

Articles (9)

Pinned Article Ultra Course View vs. Classic Course View

Shows the difference between Ultra course view and Classic course view in Blackboard.

Activity Stream in Blackboard Learn Ultra (For learners)

This article contains a video, which demonstrates the activity stream.

Blackboard Ally for Students

This article introduces students to Blackboard Ally.

Blackboard Ultra Mobile Experience

This article demonstrates the Blackboard mobile app.

How to Use Padlet (Student)

This article will walk students through how to utilize a Padlet board that has been given to them by their instructor

Notification Settings in Blackboard Learn with the Ultra Experience (Students)

This article explains how to set notification preferences.

Resolving the Blackboard Not Loading Issue

This article goes through how to fix the issue of Blackboard not loading after logging in.

Student - Edit Your Profile in Blackboard Ultra

This article explains how students can edit their profiles in Blackboard Ultra.

Use the Calendar in Blackboard Learn with the Ultra Experience

This article explains how to use the calendar in Blackboard Ultra.