Instructor resources for Blackboard and tools used within the learning management system (LMS).

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Ultra Course View - Instructor Resources

Help and documentation for instructors using Ultra course view in Blackboard.

Accessibility for Instructors

Articles describing how to make accessible content and the use of Ally in Blackboard to gauge your course accessibility rating.

Course Quota

Articles describing how to compress files and folders to converse space in Blackboard.


Articles relating to the University Accreditation & Assessment software incorporated into Blackboard called EAC.

Respondus Lockdown Browser & Monitor for Instructors

Articles describing how to set up Respondus Lockdown Browser & Monitor in Blackboard course assessments.

Respondus 4.0

A tool for creating and managing exams that can be printed to paper or published directly to Blackboard. Exams can be created offline using a familiar Windows environment text editing program like Microsoft Word. This is for instructor use only.

Ultra Organizations

Help and documentation for using and managing Ultra organizations.

Articles (19)

Pinned Article Adding or Changing Course or Organization Banners in Grid View

As an instructor, you can upload an image for the thumbnail in the Courses page in Ultra Base Navigation. This article explains how to add or change the image.

Pinned Article Ultra Course View vs. Classic Course View

Shows the difference between Ultra course view and Classic course view in Blackboard.

Access Levels for Users in Blackboard Courses

A list of the user access levels in a Backboard course.

Adding Users to Course Sites

Information about requesting addition of users to course sites in Blackboard.

Adding/Removing Users in an Organization

This article contains instructions for leaders of an organization to add/remove users from an organization in Bb Ultra.

Banner Class Photo List

Use the Banner Class Photo List to locate student identification photos for students registered for courses in Banner.

Blackboard 3rd Party Integration Process

This article will walk faculty or staff through gathering the needed information to fill out the Blackboard 3rd Party Integration request form

Blackboard Ally for Courses

This article introduces instructors to Blackboard Ally, which helps make digital content accessible.

Blackboard Ultra Course Organization

This article will introduce you to the components of an Ultra course, provide guidelines for organizing your content, as well as showcase how current GVSU faculty members are organizing their content in Ultra.

Copy SCORM from a Classic Course to an Ultra Course

The SCORM Engine Building Block manages and plays Shareable Content Object (SCO) package files that contain interactive content and are supported in both Classic and Ultra Course Views in Blackboard. This article will walk you through copying an existing SCORM file from your Classic course to your Ultra course.

Download All Files Uploaded to a Course

This article explains how to download all files uploaded to a Blackboard Classic course using the Content Collection.

Edit Your Profile in Blackboard Learn with the Ultra Experience

This articles explains how to edit your profile in Blackboard Ultra.

Flip (formerly Flipgrid) Video Discussions: What it is and How to Use it

This article demonstrates Flipgrid and how to integrate it into Blackboard.

Merging Courses in Blackboard

Information about course merging including what it is and pros and cons of merging course sites in Blackboard.

The Calendar in Ultra Base Navigation

This article explains how to use the calendar located in Ultra Base Navigation.

Turning Off Messages in Course or Organization

Turning off Messages in a Blackboard course or organization.

User Roles in Blackboard for Courses and Organizations

A description of user roles in courses and organizations.

Using Profile Pictures in Blackboard Ultra

This article explains how to utilize profile pictures in Ultra Course View.

Why Does My Blackboard Course Have “TR” in the Name?

The "TR", "OL", or "HY" in the course name is for the modality of the course.