Help and documentation for instructors using Ultra course view in Blackboard.

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Getting Started

Articles on getting started with building a course in Blackboard Ultra course view.

Assessments - Ultra Course View

Assessment resources for instructors using Ultra course view in Blackboard.

Building Content - Ultra Course View

Resources for building content in Ultra course view in Blackboard.

Gradebook - Ultra Course View

Gradebook resources for Ultra course view in Blackboard.

Semester Startup Checklist - Ultra Course View

Checklist of tasks to start the semester.

Semester Ending Checklist - Ultra Course View

Checklist of tasks to end the semester.

Video Library

This category contains how-to videos about various components of Blackboard Ultra.

Articles (11)

Adding an Image to a Learning Module

This article provides instructors with directions on how to add images to the various learning modules that they will create.

Blackboard Ultra Course Site Retention Policy - Instructors

This article details the policy for retaining course for instructors in Blackboard Ultra.

Blackboard Ultra Instructor Orientation

This article provides information on how to find the Blackboard Learn Ultra Self-Paced Training for Instructors. This self-paced orientation is available for all Faculty and Staff, and they will be auto-enrolled into the orientation course site.

Browser Checker for Blackboard Ultra

This article explains how to use the browser checker to receive immediate feedback from Blackboard. The checker determines if the browser you are using is supported for Blackboard Ultra.

Course Content or Gradebook Item Deleted, Now What?

Describe the process for instructors on what happens when they delete a grade book column or a content item that was tied to a grade book column and how to recover it, if possible.

Course Site Access Policy for Students

This article explains the student access policy for Blackboard Ultra courses.

Message Manager Folder in Blackboard Ultra Course

As of the Fall 2023 semester, instructors will begin to see a Message Manager folder in their Blackboard course's content page. This article will provide more information about the Message Manager folder.

Messages in Blackboard Ultra – Instructors

This article explains how instructors can send messages in Blackboard Ultra.

Progress Tracking in Blackboard Ultra

This article explains how to enable Progress Tracking within your Blackboard Ultra course and how that will look for students as they work through the course materials.

Start Now Message on Course Card

This article explains what the Start Now message means on course cards.

Student Preview in the Ultra Course View

This article explains how to use Student Preview mode in an Ultra course.