Banner Class Photo List

When to Use?

Use the Banner Class Photo List to locate student identification photos for students registered for courses in Banner. Note: Faculty will only see photos in courses in which they are the instructor of record in Banner. 


  1. Login to Banner Intranet: GVSU Faculty/Staff Additional Banner Applications.
    Note: Duo MFA is required for logging into Banner.  If you are off campus, you will also need to connect to VPN.
  2. Click on Class List.
    Additional Banner Applications Class List
  3. Enter the Term, Course Number, and Section Number. Then click Display.Class list enter course subject and number
  4. The student photos will be listed on the left. Student photos will only display to the instructor of record. A blank avatar will display if the student does not have a photo on record or if they are under 18 years of age. 
    Class list photos
  5. To view a grid view that provides a compact display of the students' photos, first name, and last name only able view of the roster, click the Print button in upper right of the screen

print button on class list screen


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