Resources for students enrolled in courses using Ultra course view in Blackboard.

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Add a Journal Entry in the Ultra Course View

This article explains how to post journal entries in Blackboard Ultra.

Blackboard Ultra Student Orientation

This article provides information on how to find the Blackboard Ultra Online/Hybrid Orientation for Students. This self-paced orientation is available for all Students, and they will be auto-enrolled into the orientation course site.

Browser Checker for Blackboard Ultra

This article explains how to use the browser checker to receive immediate feedback from Blackboard. The checker determines if the browser you are using is supported for Blackboard Ultra.

Check Grades in Blackboard Learn with the Ultra Experience

This article explains how to check your grades in Blackboard Ultra.

Checking Attendance Grades in Blackboard Ultra

If your instructor has assigned attendance grades, you can view your overall attendance grade and detailed records.

Content Editor

The content editor provides a variety of formatting capabilities. Review the icons in the article to learn more.

Hypothesis Student Guide

Hypothesis is a tool that lets you annotate readings with rich-text features, view annotations added by your instructor, and respond to other classmates' annotations. This guide will teach you how to use Hypothesis.

Introduction to Blackboard Ultra for Students

This article introduces students to Blackboard Ultra.

Messages in Blackboard Ultra – Students

This article explains how to access and send messages in Blackboard Ultra.

Navigating the Gradebook for Students

This article explains how students can navigate and see changes made to their gradebook from the course content page.

Participate in Discussions in the Ultra Course View

This articles explains how to participate in discussions in Blackboard Ultra.

Review Assignment Feedback in the Ultra Course View

This article explains how to review assignment feedback in Blackboard Ultra.

Self-enroll in a Group in the Ultra Course View

This article explains how to self-enroll in groups in Blackboard Ultra.

Student Guide to Blackboard

Blackboard Ultra essentials for Students

Submit an Assignment in the Ultra Course View

This article explains how to submit an assignment in Blackboard Ultra.

Supported File Types (Ultra)

This article describes the accepted file types in Blackboard Ultra.

Tests and Quizzes: Grades and Feedback (Ultra)

This article explains how grades and feedback are presented to you after you complete a test or quiz.

Tests and Quizzes: Offline Submissions (Ultra)

This article explains how you receive grades for offline submissions.

Tests and Quizzes: Taking Tests (Ultra)

This article demonstrates how to complete tests in Blackboard Ultra.

Using Class Conversations for Items

Should an instructor choose to do so, they and their students can participate in class conversations for individual content items. These conversations are useful to share extra resources and ask questions that others might have.

Using Grammarly in Ultra

This article provides details for using Grammarly in Blackboard Classic vs Ultra course views.

Using the Blackboard Ultra Calendar

This article explains how to use the calendar in Blackboard Ultra including sharing it with other calendar apps.