Review Assignment Feedback in the Ultra Course View

When to Use?

When posting your assignment grade, your instructor may provide additional feedback for you to review. Review the instructions below or watch the video to learn how to review feedback.


  • As your instructor posts grades, you'll find notifications in your activity stream. Select View my grade to display your grade.
  • To review your grade and feedback in context, access the assignment in your course by using the same link you used to submit your assignment. Select Your Grade to view your submitted work and instructor feedback.
  • If your instructor annotated a file you uploaded as your submission, you can view the annotations inline.
  • When inline viewing is on, you can view submitted files in the browser. Many file types open in the viewer, but your instructor can only annotate PDF and Microsoft Word and PowerPoint files.
  • Point to a comment icon to view your instructor's comments and select highlighted text to see if your instructor provided a comment.
  • You will also see the overall feedback for the assignment in the Feedback for student panel. If your instructor included audio or video feedback, it would appear here, as well. Select the recording to open the playback window.

See also: Assignment Grades

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