Submit an Assignment in the Ultra Course View

When to Use?

Your instructor provides all the information and files you need to complete an assignment. The process for submitting your work on an assignment is easy. Follow the instructions below or review the video for more information.


  • Access your assignment. You can access assignments from the Activity Stream, in the Calendar under Due Dates, and from the Course Content page.
  • When you access an assignment, the Details & Information panel appears. You can see the due date, number of attempts allowed, the time limit (if imposed), and possibly goals and a rubric for grading.
  • To begin an untimed assignment, select View assessment. To begin a timed assignment, select Start attempt. You'll receive a pop-up window to start the timer before you can access the assignment.
  • When you open an assignment, you're informed if your submission is set to be graded anonymously. If so, don't include any personal information in your submission, such as your name.
  • If your instructor enabled class conversations for the assignment, you could discuss with your instructor and classmates. You can ask for help, share sources, or answer questions others have.
  • The assignment may include automatically graded questions – such as multiple choice or true/false questions – or open-ended essay questions.
  • Your instructor may also provide instructions and attach files that you need to read or use to complete an assignment.
  • Select Add Content to access the editor and begin adding your submission content. You can add content directly in the editor, use the options to format the text, and embed images.
  • You can also attach files from your computer or cloud storage. Only your instructor can view the content you add here.
  • If you are not ready to submit your assignment, Select Save and Close to save your work and continue later. Your text, comments, and files are saved on the page. When you return, you can resume working.
  • If you are finished and ready for your instructor to grade your work, select Submit.

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