Add a Journal Entry in the Ultra Course View

When to Use?

Journals provide a personal space for you to communicate privately with your instructor. Your instructor may grade your journal contributions or use them solely for communication. Follow the instructions below or review the video to learn more.


  • On the journal page, your instructor typically provides a prompt with the instructions and files you need to begin. If your instructor made this journal count for a grade, you will see the grading information in the Details & Information panel.
  • Additionally, if your instructor added a rubric for grading, you could view it before and after you start your submission. Select This item is graded with a rubric in the side panel to view the rubric.
  • Type your entry and use the options in the editor to format the text, embed images, and attach files. Only your instructor can view the content you add.
  • When you are finished, select Post.
  • You can create as many journal entries as you want. You and your instructor can also comment on journal entries to continue the conversation on an entry.
  • Finally, you can edit or delete any entry you create. If you delete one of your entries, all comments about the entry are also deleted.

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