Introduction to Blackboard Ultra for Students

When to Use?

Blackboard Ultra is a learner-centered environment designed to improve user efficiency and satisfaction in a simple interface. The streamlined navigation and workflows are designed to allow students to get in, get done, and get out.


The Ultra interface was designed to help students stay organized and on task. The core features include:

  • Institution page (university announcements and policies)
  • Profile
  • Activity stream
  • Courses
  • Organizations
  • Calendar
  • Messages
  • Grades
  • Assist
  • Tools

Ultra Base Navigation menu

Students can view courses in one of two ways: there’s the traditional Blackboard Classic layout and workflows or the Ultra Course view, where everything is organized so that all the course materials, interactions, and tools are right at students’ fingertips.

The Ultra course view allows students to:

  • quickly access course content
  • check the course calendar
  • drop in on class discussions
  • access course grades
  • and even send a message

Students can easily stay on top of what’s important in their courses in Blackboard Ultra.

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The Blackboard App for Students

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