Tests and Quizzes: Grades and Feedback (Ultra)

When to Use?

This article explains how grades and feedback are presented to you after you complete a test or quiz.


Your instructor may choose not to reveal the correct answers to automatically scored questions until all students have submitted. A banner appears at the top of the assessment with this information. Check back later to see if answers have been revealed.

Test results message indicating correct answers will be revealed after all students have completed the test.

Your instructor must manually grade some question types such as Essays, and then post the test grade and feedback.

When grades are posted, you'll find them in your activity stream. Select View your grade to display your grade. If your instructor added feedback, you'll see it after the test title.

Grade posted notification in the activity stream links to view of grade

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Your grades also appear on your global and course grades pages.

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You can also open the test in your course to review your grade and feedback in context. Select the test title on the Course Content page and the Details & Information panel opens. Select anywhere in the Grading section to review what you submitted, available correct answers, and your grade and feedback. If your instructor left feedback, select the speech bubble icon to view it. If your instructor left feedback for multiple attempts, you could read each attempt's feedback.

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For questions where you chose from more than answer, you can select Show other options to review the answer choices.

Option to show other answer choices in the test results panel.

If your instructor needs to grade questions in your test, Not graded appears in the Grading section in the test's side panel.

Not Graded message in test results indicating instructor needs to grade the question.

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Scoring options

Your instructor determines how Matching and Multiple Answer questions are scored.

Example: Graded Matching question

Submitted question with grade and feedback visible


  1. The question's grade pill displays the points earned. Matches are scored based on the scoring option your instructor chose.
  2. A summary of how many pairs you matched correctly appears above the prompts and answers.
  3. Correct matches appear with a check mark icon and have a green background.
  4. Incorrect matches appear with an X icon and have a light red background.


Matching questions

Partial credit. You receive partial credit if you answer part of the question correctly. Pairs are equally weighted.

All or nothing. You must match all pairs correctly to receive full credit. One or more incorrect matches = 0 points.

Subtract points for incorrect answers, but question score can't be negative. You lose points for incorrect matches or empty answers. Pairs are equally weighted. The question score can't be less than 0 points.

Allow a negative question score. You earn points for each correct match and lose points for each incorrect match or empty answer. The total question score can equal less than 0.


A question has 5 pairs worth 2 points each for a total of 10 points. You match 2 pairs correctly:

You earn 4 points for 2 correct matches and lose 6 points for 3 incorrect matches for a negative score of -2 for the question.

Multiple Answer questions

  • All or nothing: You must choose all answer choices correctly to receive full credit. One or more incorrect answer choices = 0 points.
  • Allow partial credit: You receive partial credit if you answer part of the question correctly.
  • Subtract points for incorrect answers: You lose points for incorrect answer choices. The question score can total less than 0.


Score changes on questions

Your instructor can make changes to points for a question after grading is complete. Your updated grade also appears in the activity stream and on your Grades page.

Your instructor may also give full credit for a question that wasn't fully covered in the lecture or explained well. After grading is completed, you can see which questions your instructor awarded full credit. Full credit given appears next to the grade pill and is also noted in the answers section.

Student view of full credit given


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