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Whether it runs on a lab computer, or through a web browser, you can find information and guides on supported applications here.

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Padnos College of Engineering and Computing Applications

FAQs and guides on Linux Labs, Engineering systems and other items used in the Padnos College.


SPSS is Statistics software used for statistical analysis. Many GVSU classes use it and it is available in our labs and classrooms as well as downloadable for students, faculty, and staff for their personal machines.


Tips and tricks on using Panopto to record, live stream, host, share and search videos with an all-in-one video platform.


Qualtrics is a cloud-based platform for creating and distributing web-based surveys.


STRATUS is a collection of servers hosting a remote Windows desktop environment. Numerous GVSU departments and classes (including but not limited to Engineering, Computing, Statistics, and Geography) use STRATUS to provide access to professional grade applications and research environments that would otherwise be cost or resource prohibitive.


Find solutions to common Zoom questions.


Help for LastPass


Articles about Okta authentication at GVSU.

Windows Remote Lab

Instructions for accessing and using the Windows remote lab environment.

Pulse Secure for Virtual Private Networking (VPN)

Pulse Secure is software to allow for secure connections. You can use it to connect to network resources that have a higher level of security (such as network drives or Ultratime). A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a secure connection over a public network.

Automic (UC4)

Documentation for functional users on how to run Automic (UC4) jobs, and process flows.

Articles (11)

Pinned Article Service Level Agreement (SLA)

This article is for the community to have expectations of what they can expect from Service Level Agreements (SLA).

Backing Up and Recovering Your Data - Macintosh

This article outlines the process for backing up and retrieving your data on a GVSU owned Macintosh machine. It is intended for GVSU faculty and staff.

Backing Up and Recovering Your Data - Windows

This article outlines the process for backing up and retrieving your data on a GVSU owned Windows machine. It is intended for GVSU faculty and staff.

DocuSign Training and Support Resources

DocuSign is an electronic signature (e-signature) platform for sending, signing, and managing documents securely in the cloud.

Enterprise Connect on a Macintosh Computer

Use this article to understand how to use Enterprise Connect's various features; this includes changing your password.

How to Log Off and Disable Skype for Business (Microsoft Windows)

GVSU's Skype for Business installation will be turned off in June 2022. This guide shows how to log off from the Skype for Business application and disable it from automatically starting on Microsoft Windows.

Log4j Vulnerability in SAS

Information from SAS to fix vulnerabilities that may affect your GVSU computer.

Manage Windows Update Restarts

When Windows updates are available, you have a 5-day grace period to update or schedule a time that works for you. See a preview of these prompts and your scheduling options in this article

MAXQDA Upgrade From 2020 (No Longer Working With New License) To 2022

MAXQDA license and software was updated on the license server (7/21/22).  MAXQDA 2020 software installed on machines will no longer work with this new license.  It is now required to use MAXQDA 2022.  The software package and deployment has been updated via SCCM for both LAB and OFFICE environments.

Web Browser Suspicious Notifications

How to remove suspicious notifications from your browser.

Adobe Acrobat Pro Installation Instructions for Faculty & Staff

Instructions for installing Adobe Acrobat Pro for faculty and staff who purchase a license through the IT Technology Supply Office.