Help for 1Password

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Pinned Article 1Password | Getting Started

This article describes the steps needed to request 1Password and how to get started with the installation process

Pinned Article LastPass Removal/Decomission Plan - Action Required by 12/04/23

This article summarizes the decommission plan for LastPass after successfully migrating to 1Password.

1Password | How to Sign up

Instructions on how to Sign up for 1Password

1Password | FAQs and Troubleshooting

1Password troubleshooting steps and general frequently asked questions.

1Password | Instructional Videos

These are some instructional videos to help aid users to get more out of 1Password

1Password | Importing passwords from LastPass

The steps GVSU recommends for importing LastPass vaults.

1Password | Sharing and Managing Access to Vaults

How to Share vaults with other users.

1Password | Families Benefits

How create and use the Free family account that 1Password business accounts come with.

1Password | Dark Web Monitoring

A brief explanation of 1Password's Darkweb monitoring tool Watchtower

1Password | Link or Unlink Your Personal Account

Process for linking/unlinking your personal1Password account with your GVSU 1Password account.