Ivanti Secure Access Virtual Private Network, VPN (Formerly Pulse Secure)

Ivanti Secure Access is software to allow for secure connections. You can use it to connect to network resources that have a higher level of security (such as network drives or Ultratime). A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a secure connection over a public network.

Articles (4)

Downloading, Installing and Setting up Ivanti Secure Access VPN

Students, faculty, and staff can remotely access campus services by connecting to GVSU's Ivanti Secure Access VPN (Formerly Pulse Secure).   Allows access to campus services that are blocked from off campus.

Ivanti VPN Authentication Change

VPN authentication change from DUO to Central Authentication Service.

Pulse Secure VPN is Renamed to Ivanti Secure Access VPN

What changed when Pulse Secure became Ivanti Secure Access?

What is a Secondary Password?

How to retrieve a secondary password to log into Ivanti Secure Access VPN (Formerly Pulse Secure)