My Recently Visited Services

STRATUS is a remote desktop environment used for classroom environments (predominantly in the Padnos College of Engineering and Computing) and for university research.

Report any problems feeding forms through a Scantron scanner

Submit Argos service request.

Yearly subscription request/renewal for Adobe Creative Suite

Request installation of software onto a GVSU-owned Windows computer in a classroom, lab, or kiosk.

Report a physically broken network cable, phone, or data jack in student housing office or room.

Report Software Errors ocurring in Computer labs, Classrooms, Kiosks

Report any issues with a Scantron Station Computer or the software applications on that computer.

Problem printing reports from Scantron station.

For posters that will be printed at the IT Service Desk, 010 MIP.

Request Windows or Macintosh Software Requests

Report a physically damaged network cable, data jack, or phone line an office.

Request New Application to Use Single Sign-On

Service for Lab and Departmental printers.

Report missing or stolen GVSU owned equipment. If you believe a GVSU owned device has been gone missing or has been stolen, please select "Submit a Ticket." Once GVSU Information Security has been notified, work will begin to attempt to recover the device and protections will be put in place to mitigate access to GVSU data and systems..

Request installation of software onto a GVSU-owned Macintosh computer in a classroom, lab, or kiosk.

Service for printers that are not on the network. These are usually ink jet and small laser printers.

Request a reimbursement to your account if you do not receive your print job.

Give computer access to a secondary person. Allow someone else to login to your computer.