Articles on getting started with building a course in Blackboard Ultra course view.

Articles (7)

Adding or Changing Course Banners in Grid View

As an instructor, you can upload an image for the thumbnail in the Courses page in Ultra Base Navigation. This article explains how to add or change the image.

Copying a Blackboard Classic Course Into Blackboard Ultra - Demonstration

Faculty are encouraged to build their courses in Ultra from scratch. This video demonstrates the dismal results when copying a Blackboard Classic course in its entirety to Blackboard Ultra.

Create Announcements in the Ultra Course View

This article explains how to add announcements in Blackboard Ultra.

Create Course Groups in the Ultra Course View

You can create course group sets and apply them to graded content, such as group discussions and assessments. Follow these instructions, or watch the video, to learn how.

Exporting/Importing Course in Blackboard Ultra

This article will show you how to export and import a course between two Blackboard Ultra courses,

Self Service: Copy Content Between Ultra Courses

This article will walk you through how to copy content between courses and organizations that are both using Blackboard Ultra Course View.

Setting Accommodations for Individual Students in the Roster in Blackboard Ultra

This article explains how to set accommodations for individual students from the roster. The accommodations set here apply to the student throughout the course.