Self Service: Copy Content Between Ultra Courses

When to Use?

Creating content for your courses takes time and thoughtful planning. If you teach multiple courses that use similar content, you may want to copy content items and folders between courses to help save time. In the Blackboard Ultra Course View, you can copy content from other courses you teach so you don't have to start with a blank slate. You can quickly build your list of content to copy from another course. You can choose to copy multiple pieces of content across your courses, including all content in your courses. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will want to be in the destination course — the course where you want the copied content to go. This is the opposite of Blackboard Classic.


Copying Content

1. Navigate to the course where you would like the copied content to go.Copy Content from Course Content page

2. Go to your course's Content tab and do one of two options:

  • Click on the ellipsis (), located to the right of Course Content.
  • Click the plus icon (+) to access content options.

Select Copy Content from either content list. You will be redirected to the Copy Content panel.

3. In the Copy Content panel, all your courses & organizations appear under the Your Courses and Organizations list. If you teach many courses, you can search to find courses by name or course ID.

4. Build your list of content to copy:Copy Content Checkboxes

  • Select a course's check box to copy all of its content into the current course. This is the ONLY way to ensure visibility settings are retained during a copy. All other options will result in copied content being set to Hidden from students.
  • Select a course's name to explore its content and select the check boxes next to the folders and items you want to copy.
  • Do both! You can copy all content from one course and a few items from another. Use the Copy Content option to copy content from more than one course at a time.

NOTE: Check boxes appear differently when you select entire courses or one or more items in a course. A check mark shows you've selected the entire course for a copy. A dash shows you've selected some pieces of content in a course. When you view the items in a course, select the book icon to open a menu to navigate back to your courses and organizations list.

5. In the Selected Items section at the bottom of the panel, select View All to review your selections and clear the check boxes next to any items you don't want to copy.

6. To return to the list of courses and organizations, select the X next to Selected Items in the black bar at the top of the panel.

7. After you finalize your selections, select Copy selected content and the copy action begins. Status indicators on the Course Content page show the progress. A success message appears when the action completes. The copied content is added to the end of the content list.

Issues & Exceptions When Copying Content

Copying Content Erros

If the system encounters problems with a content copy, an error report appears at the top of the Course Content page. Select View Details to learn more about why the content failed to copy.

On the Copy Details panel, you can see if the problems are related to your server connectivity or the content itself. Select an entry to see why the item wasn't successfully copied.


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