Copying Content Between Ultra Courses or Organizations

When to Use?

In Blackboard Ultra, you have the ability to copy individual content items or all content items from a course or organization. 

NOTE: You will want to be in the destination course or organization — where you want the copied content to go. This is the opposite of Blackboard Classic.

Copying Content

NOTE: Once your copy is complete, please confirm the copied content is as expected. Some content, such as Course Links and Discussions, may be copied into the bottom of the Content Page rather than the Module or Folder it was linked within. If this happens, you can drag and drop content into the correct Module or Folder. Also see instructions on Exporting/Importing Course in Blackboard Ultra if you plan on copying a full course - this does not result in the same error with course links/discussions.

1. Navigate to the course or organization where you want the copied content to go.Copy Content to the Course Content Page

2. Go to your course's Content tab and click on the ellipsis in the top right. From the list select Copy Content to be redirected to the Copy Content panel.

3. In the Copy Content panel, all your courses & organizations appear under the Your Courses and Organizations list. You can use the search to find courses by name or course ID.Copy Content Panel allows you to search and select for the content you want to copy

4. Once you have located the Blackboard Ultra course you want to copy from, select the checkbox next to the name. Selecting this checkbox will copy all contents of the selected course and retain the contents settings and visibility.

If you only want to copy specific components instead of the entire content, click on the arrow to the right of the named course or organization. This process dives deeper into the content allowing you to select specific folders, documents, etc. to copy.

5. Your selected course will appear in the panel to the right. After you have made your selection, select Start Copy and the copy action begins.

6. Status indicators on the Course Content page show the progress. A success message appears when the action completes. Once completed, the copied content will appear within the course.

7. The Copying wheel will spin for 30 seconds to a minute before it confirms your copy. But if you refresh your page, the content will already be copied into the course.

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