Setting Accommodations (DSR) for Individual Students in the Roster in Blackboard Ultra

When to Use?

You can set accommodations for individual students. You can exempt students from assessment due dates or time limits. Use accommodations to help students progress in the course even though they may have difficulty with some requirements.


You can set accommodations for individual students. Accommodations work differently in Ultra compared to Original in a way that you only need to set accommodations one time for a student, and they will apply to every assessment within the course.

To set accommodations:

  1. Access the Roster of your course. The Roster is located on the left hand side, under the Details & Actions menu.
    Accessing the Roster.

  2. Locate the student that needs an accommodation and select the three dots > Accommodations.
    Accessing the Accommodations panel for a student.

  3. On the Accommodations panel, select the necessary accommodation for the student:

    1. Due date accommodation: Students with this accommodation will never have their work marked late.
      Purpose of the Due Date Accommodation.

    2. Time limit accommodation: Students with a time limit accommodation have more time to finish their work during timed assessments.Purpose of the Time limit accommodation, allows for Custom and unlimited time options.

      • Custom percentage can be selected if the student requires a specific time limit for their assessments.

        • To give the student time and a half on assessments, please enter 50% in the extra time percentage box.

        • To give the student double time on assessments, please enter 100% in the extra time percentage box.

      • Unlimited time can be selected if the student requires no time limit for their assessments.

  4. After the accommodations have been applied, a purple flag icon will appear next to the student’s name.
    Purple flag added to student's name indicating an accommodation has been set.

  5. These accommodations can be edited at any time. Please note that when a due date or time limit accommodation is deleted, previously submitted work for assessments may then be flagged late.

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