If you are an instructor trying to use Panopto.

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Getting Started with Panopto (New Instructor)

This article will help you get started with provisioning your GVSU account for use with Panopto, as well as show you the steps to record videos to your individual course folders. This process does require Instructor access to a Blackboard Ultra course.

Managing and Recording Panopto Content

Follow these instructions to use Panopto Web Capture recorder to create videos in Panopto.

Editing a Panopto Video

This article will walk you through how to make edits to one of your existing Panopto videos.

Embed a Panopto Video in Blackboard

This article walks instructors through two methods of embedding an already create Panopto video into their Blackboard Ultra course.

Moving videos from My Folder to a subfolder in Panopto

Follow these instructions to create a subfolder and move videos from My Folder into a subfolder in Panopto.

Sharing Panopto video using URLs

Follow these instructions to generate a URL (hyperlink) for your Panopto videos to share with others.

Uploading a video to Panopto

Follow these instructions to upload a pre-recorded video onto Panopto and share it with your courses.

Creating a Panopto Video Assignment

This article walks you through the steps of creating a Panopto Video Assignment in your Blackboard Ultra Course.

Creating a Video Discussion Assignment

If you would like your students to view each other’s videos for peer review/feedback, you will need to set up a discussion topic for students to post to. This article will walk you through the steps of creating a discussion area for your students to submit to.

Creating Quizzes in Panopto Videos

This article will show you how to create a Panopto quiz, and link the video to your Blackboard Grade Center

Embed a Panopto Videos with Quizzes in a Blackboard

This article will walk you through embedding Panopto Videos with Quizzes in Ultra Course View.

How to Download a Zoom Recording and Upload it to Panopto

This article will walk you through how to download a recorded Zoom session and upload the video to Panopto.

Scheduling a Panopto Recording in the Remote Recorder Rooms

This article demonstrates how to set up scheduled recordings in the CHS and Traverse City recorder rooms.