Scheduling a Panopto Recording in the Remote Recorder Rooms

When to Use

You can use this process if you are scheduled to teach in the rooms CHS 233, NMC-UC-07, NMC-UC-09, and to automatically start recording your lectures during the class times.


1. Sign into Panopto using the GVSU LMS option with your GVSU credentials.

2. Once you are in Panopto, create a folder for your recordings by clicking on Add Folder, typing in a name, and hitting enter. Click on the folder to go inside it.

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3. To set up the recorder, click Create and go to Scheduled Recording.

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4. Now fill out the form. Give your session a name, select the folder you want the recording to go into, and give your recording a description if you’d like.

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5. Select the recorder that you will be recording with, which will be the room you are recording in. Under Primary Remote Recorder, select whichever room you are using. You do not need to select a secondary remote recorder.

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6. Under schedule, set the date and start/end times (the duration of your recording). You can also manually enter the time of your recording. If this is a recurring session, you can select the repeat recording option and check which days you will be recording, as well as the end date.

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7. The quality settings are already automatically set, so you can ignore those and click on Create. This will send the information you just filled out to the recorder. After you record, the recordings will automatically be saved to your folder in Panopto.

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Video Demonstration

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