Uploading a video to Panopto

When to Use?

This handout is meant for instructors. Follow these instructions to upload a pre-recorded video onto Panopto and share it with your courses.

If you are looking for information on how to use Panopto as a student, please refer to out Student Panopto Knowledge Base.


  1. To start creating content, go to Panopto. Click Sign in on the top right and in the pop-up also click sign in. At the Blackboard sign-in page enter your credentials. Once you click login you will be redirected back to Panopto. 

GVSU Panopto sign-in page

  1. Once you are in Panopto navigate to your My Folder in the top left.  Add a new folder for all courses, by clicking Add folder in the middle of the screen.  Give the folder a title. You may want to use your course name.

My Folder link in the left-side navigation in Panopto

  1. Once you have created the folder, click it. 

Folders available in My Folders in Panopto.

  1. Once you’re in the subfolder, click on the blue Create button and select Upload Media.

It’s very important that you upload into a subfolder for your students to view your videos.

Upload Media option from the +Create menu

  1. The Add files window will appear. Click within the grey dashed lines where it says Choose video or audio files and select your video. Wait for the window to give you a green check and says Upload complete.

Choosing the video you need

  1. When you get the green checkmark and it says Upload Complete, you can close the window and navigate back to your Blackboard site to embed the video there.
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