Embed a Panopto Video in Blackboard (Ultra)

When to Use?

Panopto videos can be embedded into your Blackboard Ultra courses. Embedding videos into your course allows easier access for your students to view them.


1. Go to your course's Content tab and click the plus icon (+) to access content options.

2. From the content list, select Content Market.

Content List

3. Scroll down until you locate Panopto Embed (Ultra).

Panopto Embed (Ultra)

4. After you click on the Panopto Embed button, you will be taken into a Panopto window

5. Select your video from the list shown. If you do not see your video follow steps A, B, and C to find it.

        A. Click the drop-down menu at the top to find the folder it’s in.

        B. If you don’t see the folder your video is in, click on the little black triangle next to the folder to expand it. The subfolders are shown.

        C. Find the folder your video is in and click on it.

Choose Panopto Folder


6. Click on your video to select it and press the Insert button in the bottom right-hand corner.

7. After clicking Insert, your page will refresh and your Panopto video should appear in your Blackboard course.

Success Message


More information about Panopto can be found here.


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