Moving videos from My Folder to a subfolder in Panopto

When to Use?

If you have a video in your My Folder, your students might not be able to access it. Moving the video to a subfolder will update the share preferences so your students can view the videos without needing to request access. Follow these instructions to create a subfolder in Panopto to move videos from My Folder into it.


  1. If needed, create a subfolder. To create a subfolder, click where it says Add folder and give it a name. Press ENTER (for PC) or RETURN (for Mac). We suggest your course name and number.

Add folder option in Panopto

  1. Hover your cursor over the image for the video. Find the small square box on the top left side of the image and click it.

2a. If you have multiple videos, check the ‘Select all’ button above after you select at least one video.

  1. Click and hold on your video, and then drag the video to the subfolder you want to move it to.

4. You videos will be moved into the subfolder!

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