Moving videos from My Folder to a subfolder in Panopto - Instructor

When to Use?

Follow these instructions to create a subfolder in Panopto to move videos from My Folder into it.


  1. Click where it says Add folder and give it a name. Press ENTER (for PC) or RETURN (for Mac). We suggest your course name and number.

Add folder option in Panopto

  1. Hover your cursor over the image for the video. Find the small square box on the top left side of the image and click it.

My Folder view in Panopto


  1. Notice the new options available to you: Delete, Copy, Move, and Share. Click on the Move button.

Folder options available - delete, copy, move and share

  1. When you click Move, a new window will open. Click on Choose a folder or start typing to search. Type in the name of the folder you just created.

Choosing a folder option when moving from one location to another


  1. Click on the folder you created earlier.

Folder view in Panopto


  1. Once the folder is selected, click the Move button.


  Move button in Panopto






Your video will disappear from the My Folder area and will appear in the folder you created.

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