Course Content or Gradebook Item Deleted, Now What?

When to Use?

As an instructor, you realize that you accidentally deleted a grade book column with student work, and now that student work and the content item it was tied to are missing.


As an instructor, you delete a content item and find the grade book column, and student work submitted to the assignment are now missing. 


The first advice is to ensure you read the pop up before clicking OK when deleting anything in Blackboard.   There are warnings given when deleting content items or grade book columns that contain student work,

Warning shown when selecting to delete a content item that has student work submitted to it: 

image of delete content warning

Warning shown when selecting to delete a Gradebook column that has student work submitted to it: 

image showing warning of deleting gradebook column


Restore Process

Blackboard has an auto-archive process that creates a full course backup roughly once a day. Auto-archives are stored in the Content Collection for 30 days where administrators can view, restore, or download the archives as needed.  

Administrators can restore an auto-archive if an instructor needs to compare the current version to an earlier version of the course.   The auto-archives happen in the early morning hours every day for any course that had changes done in it since the last auto-archive. 

If you still find yourself in a situation where a content item or grade book column with student work was deleted accidentally, please use the eLearning Technologies General Question or Issue form to submit a ticket requesting help with restoring the deleted content.  Be sure to provide the following: 

  • Course/Org ID: 
  • Item name(s): 
  • Approximate Date/Time Deleted:

Note: We can restore to the early morning hour before the deletion happens.  Any instructor or student work done between the auto-archive time and the delete will be lost. 

What Can and Cannot be Restored to Live Course

Please note that student submitted work (e.g. assignments, tests, discussions) cannot be copied back into the “live” course. However, you can download assignments or export the Gradebook and compare or re-enter information into the “live” course. You can also copy any instructor-created content (e.g. documents) back into the “live” course. 

If an auto-archive is restored to, it will be available for 2 weeks. Please let us know as soon as you retrieve the needed content from the auto-archive so it can be removed. 

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