Message Manager Folder in Blackboard Ultra Course

When to Use?

As of the Fall 2023 semester, instructors will begin to see a Message Manager folder in their Blackboard course's content page. This article will provide more information about the Message Manager folder.


What is the Message Manager Folder?

As of Fall 2023, Instructors will begin to see a Message Manager folder in all their courses that appears at the end of their Course Content page.

An image of the Message Manager folder as it appears in the course content page of a Blackboard Ultra course

Developed by the Provost’s office Rapid Response Team in conjunction with Advising, FTLC, and other faculty and staff, the Message Manager folder contains a collection of communication suggestions from faculty to students, and was inspired by focus groups and interviews conducted with instructors of first-year courses during Winter 2023.

This folder contains sample starting points for a variety of styles and incidents. These templates are not required, but provide suggestions for faculty looking for ideas when responding to students. You will find placeholders for student, professor, and class names and office hours that can be customized to fit your course.

Sample message images

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