Student Preview in the Ultra Course View

When to Use?

With student preview, you can experience your course exactly as your students do and validate course behaviors.


Start Student Preview

In the top right corner, select the Student Preview icon. 
Student preview icon in an Ultra course.


A pop-up will appear, select Start Preview to proceed.
Start Student Preview dialog box with Cancel and Start Preview buttons.


A grey bar appears with the text “Student Preview” at the top of the screen. It will remain visible the entire time you are in Student Preview mode.

Student Preview banner, which appears across the top of the page when in student preview mode.

While in student preview, you can experience your course just as your students and participate in the following activities:

  • Submit assignments
  • Take tests
  • Download and upload files
  • Participate in conversations
  • Participate in discussions and journals
  • Send course messages
  • View grades as a student
  • Experience group membership
    • NOTE: You must enroll your Student Preview User in a group to experience group membership and setup. 


Exit Preview

To return to your course as an instructor, click Exit in the top-right corner. There are two options to select from:

  • Discard: You reset the course activity for your preview user and start fresh. This removes the preview user from the roster, Gradebook, and any associated data within the course.
  • Save: You save your preview user's course activities to continue later. This option is good for going between student and instructor views to access course content without needing to restart your activity each time.

Exit student preview mode to discard or save student preview user course activity


Remove Preview User

When you exit Student Preview, you are presented with two options to Discard or Save your data. To completely remove your student preview user from the course, select Discard. This will remove your preview user from the roster and Gradebook as well as remove any associated data tied to the preview user within the course.


More information: Blackboard Help: Student Preview

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