Student Preview in the Ultra Course View

When to Use?

Student preview allows you to review the course content from a student's perspective. You can also validate course behaviors.


To start, select Student Preview in the upper right-hand corner of the page in the Ultra course.

Student preview icon in an Ultra course.


Then select Start Preview.

Start Student Preview dialog box with Cancel and Start Preview buttons.


While in student preview, you can experience your course just as your students do.

The student preview bar appears at the top of each page.

Student Preview banner, which appears across the top of the page when in student preview mode.

From the menu, you have the option to view the gradebook, reset the preview, and exit the preview.

After you’ve submitted some work as a preview user, you can select View Gradebook to temporarily exit Student Preview and grade the work. Select Student Preview again to continue as your preview user and view the grade as a student.

Select Exit Preview to return to the instructor view at any time. Your preview user and activity remain in the course.

Finally, select Reset Preview to reset your preview user's course activity and start fresh. Most activity is removed, but some activity remains. For example, assessment exceptions, attempts, scores, and feedback are removed, but discussion responses, conversations, and messages remain. You can manually delete the remaining preview user activity.

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