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This article goes through how to fix the issue of Blackboard not loading after logging in. This issue is due to the Survey Junkie (SJ) application running on Windows computers and must be completely uninstalled and stopped in the Task Manager for Blackboard and other websites to load properly.


  1. First, uninstall any Survey Junkie applications from the add/remove Windows area. The applications will likely begin with "SJ", and multiple applications could be listed. Remove any applications with "SJ", "SJ-Pulse", and "Watchdog" in the name. See this Windows article for how to remove applications for more details on how to uninstall applications if needed. 
  2. Next, the Survey Junkie applications are likely still running in the background. Use the keyboard command: ctrl alt del to access the Task Manager.
  3. Scroll down to "Background processes" and stop any processes that begin with "SJ". There may be multiple background processes running.
  4. Once the SJ applications are uninstalled, and background applications stopped, restart your computer.
  5. After Windows reloads, open a new browser window, and try loading again. 

Note: You may also want to find/download a malware/spybot removal tool.  One known tool is: This is not supported by GVSU IT Services or eLearning Technology staff but has been shown to work for some issues. 

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