eLearning Technologies

Support on the software and tools used for teaching and learning at GVSU, including Blackboard and Panopto.

Services (14)

eLearning Technologies General Question or Issue

Ask a question about how to do specific tasks in Blackboard or it's many integrations and tools.

eLearning Technologies Consultation Request

Request a consultation from the eLearning Technologies team.

Ultra Format Request for Winter 23 Course Site

Request your Winter 2023 course site be in the Ultra course view.

Blackboard Course User Addition/Removal Request

Request access to your course site for another user or remove user access to your course site.

Blackboard Organization User Addition/Removal Request

For requesting user(s) enrollment or removal from a Blackboard organization.

Blackboard Course or Organization Creation Request

Request a course or organization be created in Blackboard.

Blackboard Course Copy Request

Copy the content from one course site to another.

Blackboard Course/Organization Restore Request

To restore a course or organization from Bb archives that is no longer available online in Blackboard.

Blackboard Course Merge Request

Combine two or more sites into one parent site in Blackboard.

Blackboard User Account Creation Request

Request Blackboard user account creation.

Blackboard Report Error/System Outage

Report an error while using Blackboard or report a system outage incident.

Digital Studio Project/Media Submission

Submit a project request or media to the eLearning Technologies Digital Studio.


Request help with Panopto capture and editor.


Report error or security issues with Zoom or ask general how-to questions.