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How to Submit a Request and Attach Documents

IMPORTANT: New Project Request Instructions will guide you through the steps on how to fill out the form to create a project request, review the request, attach documents, and then submit the request. The process is not complete until the project request says "Request Submitted Successfully".

What is a project?

The Project Management Office (PMO) defines a project as a temporary endeavor with a beginning and an end, that creates a unique product, service, or result.

Projects vs. Operations

  • Projects are temporary and close on the completion of the work they were chartered to deliver. 
  • Operations are ongoing maintenance or core business functions that produce a similar result or a repetitive service. Operational service requests are available in the Service Catalog.

For example, creating a new data integration between systems would be a project whereas the daily use and maintenance of the integrated data are operations. 

IT project examples include but are not limited to:

  • New software or server implementations 
  • Upgrades to current solutions 
  • Network installation/configuration 
  • Technology installations 
  • System integrations

Project Criteria

Small to large IT projects that require the participation of IT team members, technology resources, and meets two or more of the following criteria: 

  • A one-time initiative or has limited repeatability
  • Is a new service offering for IT and/or department(s)
  • Cost is less than $100,000 (Precludes annual maintenance or scheduled replacement of equipment. These would be operational services.)
  • Resource time exceeds 40 hours for the project
  • Is a new service offering for IT and/or department(s)
  • Requires participation and effort from two or more internal IT departments and/or across two or more divisions and/or colleges
  • Discretion of the Associate Vice President for Information Technology

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Who can submit an IT project request?

Staff and faculty can submit project proposals that have Sponsor approval. 

A “Sponsor” is a leader in your department or division who is authorized to assign resources (people/funds) to the project, supports the business need, and is responsible for the success of the initiative. 

What do you need to submit an IT project request?

The following information is required to submit a request. Additional details for these items are available on the request form. This information will be expanded upon following the submission of the request.

  • Project Sponsor
  • Business Impact and Objectives
  • Estimated Budget/Cost
  • Project Title and Description
  • Anticipated Project Start and End Date
  • Project and Technical Requirements
  • Stakeholders impacted by this project
  • Any compliance, mandates, or contract end dates

IT Project Review Process

The PMO will reach out to schedule a meeting to understand more about the project request. This meeting along with the information provided in the request form will help the IT Project Review Team evaluate the level of effort, resources, and prioritization of the work required if the request is approved.

  • Prepare & Submit – The submitter gathers proposal info, acquires sponsor approval, and submits the request form
  • Initial Review – IT Project Review Team will meet with the submitter and key stakeholders to align goals and conduct preliminary project planning 
  • Proposal Development – IT Project Review Team and the submitter will review the proposal and preliminary planning with subject matter experts for the project summary
  • Proposal Approval & Prioritization – IT Project Review Team meets regularly to prioritize and approve the projects for IT. The submitter will be notified of the project request status.


If you have questions, please submit them to the Project Management Office.

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