Request help with Panopto for video capturing, editing, or viewing issues.  

Panopto Request Types:

  • Students need to request access to view my video
  • I can't find my videos
  • Students are having trouble uploading video assignments with Panopto
  • Other 

Please provide the course ID. Also identify the name of the video or the Panopto folder.


Panopto help is available to all Faculty, Staff and Students.

How to Access and Use

You can request Panopto Help by filling out the form when you click on the "Submit a Ticket" button on this page.


Submit a Ticket

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If you continuously get logged out when trying to access a Blackboard course with an embedded Panopto video, it is likely you have some browser setting that is preventing cross-site traffic.
In order to use Panopto in a course, follow these instructions to provision a folder for the course. This must be done for each course each semester.
Follow these instructions to create a Panopto assignment folder for students to upload video assignments into.
Follow these instructions to help students gain access to Panopto videos that are in your My Folder.


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