SPSS Statistical software is available for academic use to GVSU Faculty and students.  You may access the software remotely, or you may download and install the software, and then request a license authorization code to activate that software (licenses expire each year on June 30, and you may request a new license to renew at that time).


SPSS service is available to all Faculty, Staff and Students. 

How to Access and Use

Assistance / Questions / Errors
Click on "Submit a Ticket" on this page to request help with SPSS.

Use SPSS from your computer

  • Option 1: Access SPSS remotely on GVSU's Windows Virtual Computer Lab (No installation and No license code required)


  • Option 2: Download, Install and Activate SPSS onto your personal computer.  (Windows or Macintosh - license code is required to activate)
    • Click on "Self-Service Get SPSS License Code" on this page. 
    • After you select the SPSS Version and submit the request, you will receive an email message with the SPSS License Authorization Code

See Knowledge base for more information on SPSS


There is no associated costs to use this service.

Self-Service: Get SPSS License Code Submit a Ticket


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