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A simple process to follow to reset your GVSU password using Okta.

Please note: You will need to first have a mobile phone number enrolled in Okta. If not, you will not be able to use the forgot password method. Please follow the "Okta | Forgot Password, Change Password Enrollment (Prerequisite for Resetting a Forgotten Password)" guide first (https://services.gvsu.edu/TDClient/60/Portal/KB/EditDetails?ID=12758).


Reset your Okta password without signing in

  1. Go to our Okta portal (https://my.gvsu.edu).

  2. Click on "Forgot password."

    Okta Sign In Username

  3. Click on "Receive a code via SMS." Please note that if you were not previously enrolled as stated above you will not receive a code.

    Okta - Verify with Phone

  4. Enter the code you received in your text message (SMS) and click "Verify."

    Okta - Verify with Phone Code

  5. Select your MFA (Duo Universal MFA shown below). Click "Select" and then "Verify" to initiate your chosen MFA prompt.

    Reset your password - MFA Option

    Duo Universal Verify

    Duo Universal Push

  6. Set your new password making sure it meets the requirements found here (Link to article) and then click "Reset Password."

    IMPORTANT A best security practice is to check "Sign out of all devices," especially if you believe your account may be compromised.

    Okta Reset Password Requirements


Update/Change your GVSU password via the Okta portal after sign in

  1. Sign in to Okta (https://my.gvsu.edu).
  2. Enter your username and password and follow the MFA authentication prompts.
  3. From the Okta home page, click your name located in the top right to open the drop-down menu.

    Okta Name Settings

  4. Click "Settings." The Account page opens.

    Okta - Settings

  5. In the "Change Password" section, enter your current and new passwords. Please confirm your new password by entering it again in the "Confirm new password" field. Click "Change Password" to confirm the change.

    IMPORTANT A best security practice is to check "Sign out of all devices," especially if you believe your account may be compromised.

    Change Password

  6. You will receive a "Password changed successfully" message.

     Password changed sucessfully


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