Okta & Duo | Remember Me For 7 Days

When to Use?

This article explains how to utilize the 'Remember me for 7 days' functionality within Duo (both Traditional and Universal) and Okta. Duo has updated its authentication prompt to the Duo Universal Prompt to simplify the end-user experience. GVSU has enabled the new Duo Universal Prompt for Okta.


Duo Universal Prompt vs Traditional Prompt


How often will Duo/Okta prompt me to authenticate?

  • You will be prompted to use a multi-factor authentication every 7 days. Note: Pulse Secure also known as Ivanti Secure Access will prompt every time regardless.

  • You will also be asked to re-authenticate when your password changes, expires, or you connect from a new device or browser.

How often will Duo prompt me to authenticate my email and other Microsoft 365 products?

Why did I get asked to re-authenticated before my 7 days?

  • International Travel
    • Export-restricted countries are subject to further limitations, and countries with tight export controls may block MFA products.
  • Microsoft Risky Sign-in
    • Microsoft can automatically block a sign-in attempt or require additional actions such as multi-factor authentication when it detects risks of many types, including:
      • Anonymous IP address use
      • Atypical travel (e.g., log in from unknown location, using a VPN, logged into several different geographic locations simultaneously)
      • Malware or suspicious IP address
      • Unfamiliar sign-in properties (e.g., new device type, new browser)
      • Leaked credentials (the username/password combination has been detected as reused/leaked on the dark web)
    • See Microsoft's article "What is Identity Protection" for more information.
  • You have signed in from a new device and will be asked for MFA.
  • You have cleared your browser cache/history, and therefore it has reset all your settings.
  • You have signed out of Okta. In order for MFA to persist, you must exit the browser or close the tab. If you sign out, it will ask for MFA upon the next login.


How to enable the remember me for 7 days using Duo Universal (Okta and Microsoft 365 services).

How to enable the remember me for 7 days using Duo Traditional.

How to enable the remember me for 7 days using other MFA authenticators inside of Okta (e.g. Okta Verify, Google Authentication, Authy).


Duo Universal - Remember Me for 7 Days (Faculty and Staff Only)

  • When logging into a system utilizing the Duo Universal prompt, check the box saying "Trust browser" or select "Yes, trust browser".
  • If the user clicks "No, do not trust browser," they will not be asked to trust the browser again for 14 days. If you choose this option, you will be prompted daily for MFA.

    Duo Universal - Yes, trust browserDuo Universal - Trust browser


Duo Traditional - Remember Me for 7 Days (Faculty and Staff Only)

  • When logging into a system utilizing the Duo Traditional prompt, check the box saying "Remember me for 7 days."

    Duo Traditional - Remember Me

Okta - Remember Me for 7 Days (Faculty, Staff and Students)

  • Please go to the Duo Universal section above if you are using Duo as your multi-factor. Additionally, you must check the "Keep me signed in" box while logging into Okta.

    • Please note: Your MFA will be remembered using this for the remember timed.

  • Okta - Keep me Sign In


For further assistance, please contact the IT Service Desk at it@gvsu.edu, call 616-331-2101, or visit www.gvsu.edu/it.
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