Okta | Adding, removing, and updating multi-factor authentication (MFA)

When to Use?

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) means users must verify their identity in two or more ways to gain access to their account. These can include passwords, answers to security questions, phones (SMS or voice call), and authentication apps, such as Duo and Okta Verify.

MFA is required to protect your account. You must have at least one method configured to log in to GVSU resources. Grand Valley offers different ways to add MFA: Okta Verify, Duo Security, Google Authenticator, and SMS via phone.

  • Okta Verify - Okta Verify is a mobile app that verifies your identity in one of two ways. Okta can send you a push notification you approve using Okta Verify. Alternatively, Okta Verify can generate a six-digit code you enter into your Okta login screen to access your application. 
  • Duo Security (Faculty/Staff) - Duo offers its own MFA and mobile access products. Okta supports Duo, ensuring your existing processes can continue to operate in conjunction with Okta MFA. Please note that Duo Security is only available for faculty and staff accounts.

  • Google Authenticator - Google Authenticator generates a six-digit code for you to enter. This is a time based code that regenerates every 30-60 seconds.End users must install the Google Authenticator app on their mobile device and add an account to it for their Okta org. See Get verification codes with Google 
  • SMS (i.e. Phone - Students) - SMS as an MFA authenticator is the least secure and takes the most time to log in compared to Okta Verify.


How to remove an MFA authenticator from your account
How to add an MFA authenticator to your account


How to remove MFA​​​​​​

The steps listed below show how you can remove Duo from your account. These steps apply to any other MFA authenticators you want to remove. Keep in mind that you must have at least one MFA authenticator configured in order to sign into GVSU resources.

  1. Sign in to Okta, in the upper right-hand corner click on your name and from the drop down menu click on "Settings".

    Displays user profile settings from the drop-down list after clicking on your name on the top right
  2. Click "Remove" next to the MFA you want to delete. In the screenshot below, we use Duo Universal MFA as an example.

  3. Click "Yes" to remove Duo Universal MFA enrollment. You will be prompted to sign in again.



How to add or modify MFA

The steps listed below show how to add MFA to your account. This process can be used when you want to change your MFA settings or add a new device. In the screenshot, we use Okta Verify as an example because Okta Verify allows push notifications, which makes signing in a lot easier than receiving an SMS code or launching Google Auth to type a code.

  1. Sign in to Okta, in the upper right-hand corner click on your name and from the drop down menu click on "Settings".

    Displays user profile settings from the drop-down list after clicking on your name on the top right
  2. Click "Set up" next to the MFA you want to configure. In the screenshot below we use Okta Verify as an example.

  3. Click "Set up" and follow instructions provided by your MFA option

    Set up security methods. Set up required: Okta Verify Setup
  4. Follow the prompts for your specific MFA app. Below is an example of the Okta Verify application. Once the QR code is scanned you have successfully completed adding your MFA.

    Set up Okta Verify Instructions

For further assistance, please contact the IT Service Desk at it@gvsu.edu, call 616-331-2101, or visit www.gvsu.edu/it.

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