Okta | Dashboard Adding and Removing Apps

When to Use?

With Okta, you can tailor your dashboard to showcase the apps that matter most to you. This goes beyond just organizing your GVSU work apps; you have the freedom to create a personalized dashboard that caters to your unique preferences. In addition to work-related apps, you can also include your personal accounts for social media, streaming services, finances, and more. Importantly, GVSU does not retain any record of your access; you are in full control.


Add an App

Step 1. Start by signing in to Okta.

Once signed in, you can view your dashboard. This is where you see "My Apps". In addition to your GVSU applications, users have the ability to add and customize their own dashboard. For example, you can add a Social Media section or other sections to meet your needs.  You are also able to remove and customize your dashboard by clicking edit (the three dots) on the app of your choice.  


Step 2. Click "Add Apps"

By clicking "Add apps" you are able to search the app catalog or utilize the filter to view applications by a selected category

Okta Dash Board that shows current apps

Step 3. Search for App. 

An application has been added after clicking add

Step 4. Click "Add"

Step 5. Process Complete

Dash board apps with three dots on the right hand corner


Remove an App

Step 1. Start by signing in to Okta.

Once signed in, you can view your dashboard. Click on the three dots located in the right corner of the app you want to remove.

For example, above Netflix you will see three grey dots.

Dash board apps with three dots on the right hand corner



Step 2. Click "Remove"

Remove is located in the bottom right corner.



Step 3. Click "Remove"


For further assistance, please contact the IT Service Desk at it@gvsu.edu, call 616-331-2101, or visit www.gvsu.edu/it.
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