Articles relating to grading assignments, discussions and tests are found here. Also included are articles on dropping grades, inline grading, downloading/uploading grades to Excel, using rubrics, clearing assignment attempts, etc.

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"New Submission" Still Appears After Grading

Instructors may continue to see the "New Submission" marker, even after grading a student's assignment submission. This does not affect student's ability to view their grade and feedback, but might make it difficult for instructors to keep track of grading, and cause visual clutter. This article will explain why this happens, and how to resolve it.

Adding a Feedback Recording

An instructor or grader can create personalized audio and video feedback recordings for individual assessment attempts or manual gradebook items.

Clearing an Assignment Attempt

This article explains how to clear an assignment attempt submitted by a student.

Create a Comment Library for Grading

This article will show you how to create and post comments while grading using Blackboard Annotate, the inline grading tool.

Download & Upload Grades to Gradebook

This article shows you how to Download and Upload grades to/from a Blackboard Ultra Gradebook.

Drop Grades in Gradebook

This article explains how to drop the lowest, or highest, grade in the Gradebook in Blackboard Ultra.

Grade Using a Rubric

This article contains instructions on how to use a rubric for grading in Ultra Course View.

Gradebook Sorting Controls by Students or Questions for Assessments

This article discusses how sorting controls in the gradebook work. Instructors can sort by student or question.

Grading Discussions

To motivate students to post insightful contributions, you can make the discussion count for a grade.

Grading Experience in Blackboard Learn Ultra

The article demonstrates the grading experience in Blackboard Ultra.

Grading Tips in Blackboard Ultra

This article provides grading tips for Blackboard Ultra regarding posting grades, overriding grades, rearranging the gradebook, etc.

Granting Exceptions and Exemptions for Graded Assessments

This article explains how to grant exceptions and exemptions of graded assessments for students.

How to Grade a Test in Blackboard Ultra

This article will walk you through how to grade a test in a Blackboard Ultra course.

Inline Grading

You can annotate and grade student files directly within the browser.

Send Reminders from the Gradebook

This article explains how to send reminders to students for non-submitted assignments. The reminders are sent through the gradebook.