Furniture Dimensions & Lofting Instructions

What Are GVSU’s Furniture Dimensions and How Can I Loft Them?

The lifestyles of students today require more options and versatility. That's why our furniture allows students more living space and greater flexibility. Lofts are a great way to maximize the space in your room and to create a more unique living space for you and your roommate. By lofting, bunking, or trundling, the options are endless and no tools are required. All furniture is movable and loftable in freshman living centers. Please, for safety reasons, no new construction of lofts is permitted.

Students are encouraged to arrange the furniture provided by the University in order to personalize their living area. Establishing a mutually agreed-upon plan by both roommates is suggested. Each student will have a bed with safety rails (twin extra-long mattress), a three-drawer dresser, a bookshelf, a desk, an organizer, a desk chair, and a wardrobe.

All furniture must be reconfigured to its original form factor prior to Check-Out at the end of every school year.

Lofting Instructions

To view the Lofting Instructions PDF and Alternative Lofting Ideas PDF, please download them from the file window located to the right of this article.

The configurations shown in the video are the Loft configuration and the Trundle configuration.

Lofting In Holton-Hooker Living Center

Step 1 - Lofting Prep

  • You will need 6 pins to loft each bed.  The pins may already be in the room.  There should be 2 pins connecting the desk hutch to the desk, 2 pins in the top of the desk hutch and 2 pins in the top of the dresser directly under the bed.  You can find additional pins at the front desk.

Step 2 - Moving Bed to Floor

  • Clear a space next to the bed and using two people, move the bed to the floor.

Step 3 - Place Bookshelf on Dresser

  • Lift the bookshelf on top of the dresser, inserting the bed pins into the holes on the bottom of the bookshelf. 

Step 4 - Preparing Bed for Lofting

  • Position the desk/hutch facing the dresser with the drawers pointed inward, a few feet apart.  Identify the pins on the bookshelf that will receive the holes on the bottom of the feet of the bed.

Step 5 - Lift Bed Into Place

  • Lift the bed into place utilizing three people if possible, with two on either side and one in the middle.  Make sure that the feet of the bed slide fully into the pins in the desk hutch and that the other side of the bed is firmly on the bookshelf with the legs hanging off.

Step 6 - Correctly Positioning Lofted Bed

  • Move the bed into position with one person on the end furthest from the wall and other under the bed pushing the dresser and bookshelf to the end of the bed and no closer than 6 inches from the back wall.

Step 7 - Final Quality Check

  • Make sure the bed is sturdy, and the bookshelf is pushed back to the end of the bed.  The bed should be no closer than 6 inches from the back wall.  There must be a bed side guard affixed to each bed and one ladder in each room.
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